About Us

What Inspires ?

StaffingFuel was designed to solve a major problem in the industry. Staffing agencies often find themselves being forced to either track their data across multiple platforms and/or outsource data entry. Recruiters don’t have time to  manually enter candidates and account managers don’t have time to maintain the every-changing list of available jobs. This leads to sloppy workflows, lack of efficiency, and ultimately a decrease in potential revenue. StaffingFuel is designed to aggregate data from multiple sources whether it be candidates from Lead Generation Sources or jobs from Vendor Management Systems. StaffingFuel relies on rules customized by the staffing agency to take endless forms of data and compile them into a single accepted language desired by the agency. From there, StaffingFuel utilizes its built-in ability to recognize existing candidates or jobs in the system to prevent any redundancies. We give users the ability to review, modify, and publish the data in a controlled, organized manor. We arm these users with the tools and workflows to establish and enhance daily processes to increase efficiency, organization, and ability to effectively manage their data.